“What Do Fish Eat in Minecraft? Discover the Essential Diet for Your Underwater Adventure!”

In Minecraft, fish primarily eat other fish. They will seek out and try to eat any fish that are nearby. However, players can also feed fish by throwing fish food at them, which can be obtained by using a fishing rod while in a body of water. Additionally, cats will occasionally offer fish as a drop when killed.

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Title: What Do Fish Eat in Minecraft? A Guide to Underwater Sustenance


In the vast and immersive world of Minecraft, exploration and survival are essential aspects of gameplay. Underwater realms, in particular, offer captivating environments teeming with marine life, including the ability to encounter and interact with various fish species. As players dive into this aquatic realm, a common query arises: What do fish eat in Minecraft? This blog post aims to shed light on the feeding habits and food preferences of these virtual fish to enhance your gaming experience and understanding.

1. Exploring Fish Behavior:

Before delving into their dietary preferences, it’s important to understand fish behavior in Minecraft. Schools of fish can be found swimming in lakes, rivers, and even oceans. These passive mobs come in a variety of species, including cod, salmon, and tropical fish, each with its unique characteristics. By observing their movements, players can gain insight into their feeding habits.

2. A Balanced Diet for Cod:

Cod, a common fish species in Minecraft, typically feeds on smaller fish and squid. They prefer feeding near the ocean floor, making seagrass and kelp their primary food sources. However, given that Minecraft is a sandbox game, cod are adaptable and can consume other food options like raw fish or cooked chicken, allowing players to experiment and employ alternative feeding strategies.

3. Salmon and Their Upstream Journey:

Salmon, known for their remarkable journeys both in Minecraft and the real world, display distinct feeding patterns. Similar to cod, they thrive on seagrass and kelp. Nevertheless, one unique feature of salmon in Minecraft is their inclination towards leaping out of water. During this behavior, they feed on airborne insects, making them an interesting and dynamic addition to any fish tank or aquarium.

4. Tropical Fish and their Dazzling Traits:

Tropical fish, the most colorful inhabitants of Minecraft’s waters, boast intricate patterns that add vibrancy to underwater landscapes. In terms of nutrition, tropical fish share similar food preferences with their counterparts. Seagrass, kelp, and even small creatures like sea pickles comprise their regular diet. By scattering various food sources within your aquarium, players can observe these mesmerizing fish feeding in a visually captivating manner.

5. Player Involvement and Fish Farming:

In Minecraft, players have the unique ability to influence the feeding habits of fish through fish farming. By exploiting game mechanics, players can create enclosed areas filled with water and populate them with fish. This controlled environment allows players to provide fish with a steady source of food, such as kelp or seagrass, ensuring their continued growth and reproduction, thus creating a sustainable food source.

6. Enriching the Underwater Ecosystem:

While understanding fish feeding habits in Minecraft is crucial, it’s equally important to create an environment that supports life and fosters the growth of various species. By cultivating underwater vegetation like seagrass and kelp, players can contribute to a flourishing ecosystem that provides abundant food sources for fish. This not only enhances gameplay but also allows players to appreciate the interconnectedness of nature within the virtual world.


Exploring the feeding habits of fish in Minecraft adds depth and realism to the gameplay experience. By understanding what fish eat and creating suitable environments, players can simulate thriving underwater ecosystems that teem with diverse marine life. Test your creativity, experiment with different feeding strategies, and build your own underwater paradise as you immerse yourself in the unique and engaging world of Minecraft.

FAQs on what do fish eat in minecraft

1. What do fish eat in Minecraft?
Fish in Minecraft primarily eat other aquatic creatures, such as smaller fish, squid, and even turtle eggs.

2. Can fish eat plants or vegetation in Minecraft?
No, fish in Minecraft do not consume plants or vegetation. They solely rely on consuming smaller sea creatures for sustenance.

3. Is it possible to feed fish with regular food items, like bread or seeds?
No, fish cannot be fed with regular food items in Minecraft. They have their own unique diet in the game.

4. Can fish be sustained solely by breeding and eating their own offspring?
Fish do not have the ability to breed in Minecraft, so they cannot rely solely on their offspring for sustenance.

5. Can fish in Minecraft eat other non-aquatic animals?
No, fish in Minecraft are limited to consuming aquatic creatures only. They have no interaction with non-aquatic animals.

6. What happens if there are no other fish or creatures for fish to eat?
In Minecraft, fish do not require constant feeding to survive. They are self-sustaining, so they can survive even if there are no other creatures for them to eat.

7. Are fish in Minecraft affected by hunger or starvation?
No, fish do not have hunger levels or face starvation in Minecraft. They are programmed to survive without constant feeding.

8. Can fish be tamed or kept as pets in Minecraft?
Fish cannot be tamed or kept as pets in Minecraft. They are a passive and non-interactive creature in the game.

9. Are there any benefits or rewards for feeding fish in Minecraft?
Feeding fish does not provide any specific benefits or rewards in Minecraft. It is purely for decorative or immersive purposes.

10. How can players obtain fish in Minecraft?
Players can obtain fish in Minecraft by fishing using a fishing rod. This is the primary and only method of obtaining fish in the game.

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