Learn How to Fish in Rust and Catch More Food

Fishing in Rust can be a relaxing and rewarding activity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fish in Rust:

1. Craft a fishing rod: To start fishing, you will need to craft a fishing rod. Open your crafting menu by pressing “Tab” and navigate to the “Items” tab. Search for “fishing rod” and click on it to craft it. You will need some wood and cloth to create it.

2. Find a water source: Look for a river, lake, or ocean where you can find fish. These water sources can be found all over the map.

3. Equip the fishing rod: Once you’ve crafted the fishing rod, drag it from your inventory to your hotbar. Then select it from your hotbar to equip it.

4. Find a suitable fishing spot: Move close to the water’s edge at your chosen fishing spot. You should be standing in shallow water.

5. Cast your fishing rod: Press and hold the right mouse button to aim your fishing rod. Then press and hold the left mouse button to cast your line. The longer you hold the left mouse button, the farther the cast will be.

6. Wait for a fish to bite: After casting your fishing rod, you need to wait for a fish to bite your bait. Be patient as it may take some time. You can see the float bobbing on the surface of the water indicating that a fish has bitten.

7. Reel in the fish: Once you see the float dipping underwater, it means a fish has bitten. Quickly press and hold the left mouse button to start reeling in the fish. Be careful not to reel too fast, or you risk the fish breaking free.

8. Land the fish: Continue reeling until the fish is landed. The caught fish will appear in your inventory as an item. You can cook and eat it to restore health and hunger levels.

9. Repeat the process: You can continue fishing by casting your line, waiting for a bite, and reeling in fish until you’re satisfied with your catch.

Remember to be cautious while fishing, as other players in the game may try to disrupt or steal your haul.

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Fishing in Rust: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Master Angler


Rust is a survival game that sets players in a harsh and unforgiving open-world environment. While the primary focus may initially be on gathering resources and building shelter, fishing can be a relaxing and sustainable way to acquire food and other valuable items. In this guide, we’ll dive into the art of fishing in Rust and provide you with some tips and tricks to become a master angler.

1. Gathering the necessary tools:

To start your fishing adventure, you’ll need to obtain a few essential tools. The spear is your primary weapon for fishing, allowing you to catch fish in rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. Additionally, you’ll need a fishing rod, which can be crafted using 200 metal fragments, 100 wood, and five cloth. Lastly, gathering bait such as worms will significantly increase your chances of success.

2. Finding the best fishing spots:

Location plays a crucial role in successful fishing. Seek out bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and shorelines to maximize your chances of finding fish. Pay attention to the in-game map, as areas with more landmarks, such as the harbor or lighthouse, often provide plentiful fishing opportunities. Experiment and explore different areas to find the spots with the highest fish density.

3. Casting your line:

Once you’ve arrived at a promising fishing spot, equip your fishing rod and hold right-click to ready your cast. Aim for an area where you see fish swimming nearby. Remember to be patient and give the bait time to attract fish. Alternatively, you can use the spear to manually kill fish you see swimming close to the shore.

4. Mastering fish behavior:

Understanding fish behavior is key to becoming a successful angler. Fish tend to gather closer to shorelines during the day and move further into open waters during the night. Different species of fish also have specific habits and tendencies. Experiment with timing, varying locations, and bait to observe and learn the behavior of each fish type, maximizing your catch rate.

5. Crafting and utilizing fish traps:

Fish traps are another effective tool to add to your angler’s arsenal. To craft a fish trap, you’ll need 200 wood, two metal blades, and six rope. Place your fish traps strategically, preferably in water currents or areas where fish frequently pass by. Fish traps work passively, allowing you to gather fish even while you focus on other activities or offline.

6. Harvesting your catch:

Once you’ve successfully hooked a fish, use your spear or rod to reel it in. Be careful not to reel too quickly, as it might break the line. For maximum efficiency, swing your weapon at the right moment when the fish is within range to ensure a successful catch. Each fish you acquire can be cooked or used to craft a variety of useful items, such as fish traps or low-grade fuel.


Fishing in Rust offers a welcome break from the intense survival challenges the game presents. By following these tips, you’ll steadily improve your fishing skills, ensuring a sustainable source of food and resources. Remember to stay patient, observe fish behavior, and experiment with different locations and bait types to become a successful angler in the world of Rust. So grab your spear, fishing rod, and bait, and embark on a serene fishing journey amid the chaos of Rust’s unforgiving environment.

FAQs on how to fish in rust

1. Q: What is the basic equipment required for fishing in Rust?
A: To fish in Rust, you will need a fishing rod, bait (such as raw fish or worms), and a body of water where fish can be found.

2. Q: How do I obtain a fishing rod in Rust?
A: Fishing rods can be crafted using 200 wood, 100 metal fragments, and 2 sewing kits at a workbench level 1.

3. Q: Where can I find fishing bait in Rust?
A: You can find bait by killing and harvesting raw fish, or by searching for worms which can sometimes be found in loot containers or underground.

4. Q: How do I use the fishing rod in Rust?
A: Once you have equipped the fishing rod, aim at the water and left-click to cast the line. Then, wait for a fish to bite and press the right mouse button to reel it in.

5. Q: Can I fish anywhere in Rust?
A: It is recommended to fish in areas with a high fish density, such as rivers, lakes, or coastal regions. Look for areas where you can see jumping fish or seagulls.

6. Q: What types of fish can I catch in Rust?
A: There are various types of fish that can be caught in Rust, including trout, salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Each fish has different properties and can be used for different purposes.

7. Q: How can I improve my chances of catching fish in Rust?
A: Using bait specific to the type of fish you want to catch, fishing in areas with high fish population, and using a higher quality fishing rod can all increase your chances of catching fish.

8. Q: Can other players steal my catch while fishing in Rust?
A: Yes, other players can snatch your fish if they are faster or sneakier. It’s important to keep an eye out for potential thieves while fishing, or find a secluded area to fish in.

9. Q: What can I do with the fish I catch in Rust?
A: Caught fish can be used for various purposes, such as cooking to replenish your hunger, trading with other players, or even using them as bait for hunting other creatures.

10. Q: Are there any special fishing techniques or strategies in Rust?
A: While there are no specific techniques, some players find success in casting their lines near rocks or structures where fish tend to gather. Experiment with different locations and bait types to maximize your catch.

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