Best Fish to Keep with Goldfish – Find Compatible Tank Mates Now!

Some compatible fish that can live with goldfish include:

1. White Cloud Mountain Minnows: These small, peaceful fish can tolerate similar temperature and water conditions as goldfish.

2. Weather Loaches (Dojo Loaches): These bottom-dwelling fish are hardy and can coexist with goldfish. They also have a different shape and swimming style, which reduces competition.

3. Rosy Red Minnows: These small, active fish are often used as feeder fish but can also coexist with goldfish. They can handle similar temperature requirements.

4. Bristlenose Plecos: These algae-eating catfish can help keep the tank clean and can tolerate similar water conditions as goldfish.

5. Snails: Certain snail species like Nerite or Mystery Snails can be good tankmates for goldfish. They help in cleaning up algae and are generally unbothered by goldfish.

It’s important to note that goldfish produce a lot of waste, so a larger tank with ample filtration is essential to accommodate additional fish. Additionally, some goldfish may harass or eat smaller tankmates, so close monitoring is necessary to ensure compatibility.

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What Fish Can Live With Goldfish: A Comprehensive Guide


Goldfish are one of the most popular and beloved fish species among aquarium enthusiasts. With their vibrant colors and unique appearance, goldfish make an excellent addition to any aquarium. However, many aquarium owners are left wondering what other fish can coexist peacefully with goldfish. In this article, we will explore some suitable tank mates for goldfish, ensuring a harmonious and thriving aquatic environment.

1. Plecos:

Plecos, also known as suckermouth catfish, are a fantastic addition to a goldfish tank. These peaceful, bottom-dwelling algae eaters can help to keep the tank clean by consuming algae growth. Plecos are excellent companions for goldfish, as they typically don’t compete for the same food sources. However, it is crucial to provide enough hiding spots or caves to accommodate both species.

2. White Cloud Mountain Minnows:

These small, peaceful fish are another suitable tank mate for goldfish. White Cloud Mountain Minnows are known for their resilience and adaptability, making them a great choice for shared aquariums. Moreover, they have similar temperature and water quality requirements as goldfish, making it easier to maintain a well-balanced environment.

3. Weather Loaches:

Also known as Dojo Loaches, these fascinating eel-like fish are an excellent choice for a goldfish tank. Weather Loaches are bottom-dwelling scavengers that help control snail populations, another common issue for goldfish tanks. These sociable, active fish thrive in a spacious tank, which allows them to exhibit their quirky and entertaining behavior.

4. Rosy Barb:

Rosy Barbs are another peaceful fish that can be safely kept with goldfish. With their vibrant red and yellow coloring, they add a delightful splash of color to the tank. These fish are also known for their energetic nature, which can create an interesting dynamic within the aquarium. However, it’s essential to maintain a larger tank to accommodate the activity levels of both species.

5. Fancy Guppies:

Fancy guppies, with their extravagant tails and striking colors, are a popular choice for community aquariums. They have peaceful personalities that make them compatible with goldfish. Guppies are also known for their prolific breeding, which can add an extra level of intrigue to your tank. Providing plenty of hiding places for the fry (baby fish) is essential to avoid them becoming a tasty snack for your goldfish.

6. Corydoras Catfish:

Corydoras catfish are another excellent choice for companions to goldfish. These bottom-dwelling species are famous for their adorable appearance and peaceful nature. Corydoras also help to keep the tank clean by consuming leftover food and scavenging for algae. Additionally, their vibrant patterns and colors make them a striking addition to any aquarium.


Finding suitable tank mates for goldfish is crucial for creating a harmonious aquatic environment. It is essential to consider the size, temperament, water parameters, and dietary requirements of potential companions. By introducing compatible fish species, such as Plecos, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Weather Loaches, Rosy Barb, Fancy Guppies, and Corydoras Catfish, goldfish keepers can add diversity, color, and companionship to their aquariums while ensuring the well-being of their goldfish. With careful planning, research, and adequate tank size, it is possible to create a beautiful and thriving community tank centered around goldfish.

Key Takeaways from what fish can live with goldfish

When considering tankmates for goldfish, it’s essential to choose compatible species that can tolerate similar water conditions. Opt for fish that are similar in size to goldfish to prevent them from becoming meals or stressing each other out. Coldwater fish like White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Rosy Red Minnows, and Weather Loaches can coexist well with goldfish. Additionally, freshwater snails, such as Apple Snails or Mystery Snails, can be beneficial tankmates as they help clean up excess waste. However, it’s crucial to monitor the tank and ensure adequate space, filtration, and regular water changes to maintain a healthy environment for all tank inhabitants.

FAQs on what fish can live with goldfish

1. Can goldfish live with other species of fish in the same aquarium?
No, goldfish should ideally be kept in a tank with only other goldfish.

2. Can I keep tropical fish with goldfish?
It is not recommended to keep tropical fish with goldfish as they have different temperature and habitat requirements.

3. What fish can live peacefully with goldfish?
Some compatible tank mates for goldfish include other fancy goldfish varieties such as Celestial Eye, Bubble Eye, or Lionhead goldfish.

4. Can I add small fish like guppies or tetras to a goldfish tank?
It is generally not recommended to add small fish like guppies or tetras to a goldfish tank as goldfish tend to be large and may see smaller fish as food.

5. Can goldfish coexist with bottom-dwelling fish like plecos or catfish?
Goldfish can coexist with certain bottom-dwelling fish like plecos or catfish, but caution should be exercised as goldfish can sometimes nibble on the bottom-dweller’s fins or disturb them.

6. Are there any shrimp or snails that can live with goldfish?
Goldfish often view shrimp or snails as food, so it is best to avoid keeping them together.

7. Can I keep goldfish with other coldwater species like koi?
Goldfish and koi can be kept together in a large outdoor pond if the size and filtration can accommodate both species adequately.

8. Can goldfish live with other types of freshwater fish?
Goldfish are best kept with other goldfish or similarly sized, slow-swimming species. Aggressive or fin-nipping fish should be avoided.

9. Can goldfish live with livebearers like mollies or platies?
It is not recommended to keep livebearers like mollies or platies with goldfish, as goldfish might mistake their long tails as food.

10. Can I keep goldfish with other non-fish tankmates, like turtles or frogs?
While turtles and frogs might be able to coexist with goldfish temporarily, they have different care requirements and should ideally have their own dedicated tanks with the appropriate conditions.

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